HCG Diet…Losing Weight Safely

February 24, 2010

I’ll admit I was very skeptical about the HCG Diet. That is until I saw a friend actually “melt” the weight away. I’m talking about close to 100 lbs in a few short months.

This was the year I decided to accomplish my one New Year Resolution…that is, to loose weight.¬† After I saw the Oprah show where Dr. Oz firmly stated that Type II Diabetes is not only preventable, but curable. It all had to do with your belly fat. Being on the fast track to probably only inches if not months from being diagnosed with Diabetes, all my siblings¬†in my family is diabetic, I knew NOW was the time.

I signed up for the same HCG diet program my friend is using, and was blown away at how fast the fat started melting. After only 4 weeks, I am already down one dress size and one pant size. At first I was afraid of the 500 calorie diet thinking that I would starve, but decided to make it a mission to start on the road to healthier eating. We already raise our own grass fed beef, so the basic lifestyle change was to eat way more veggies, and completely cut out anything “white” which means flours, pastas, grains. When the diet is complete, I will add back a few wheat grains, maybe. I am finding most of my other health issues have already resolved. Anyone who knows me can ask me what those are.

But to help those who are struggling with this HCG diet, I have come up with some great recipes which will actually help you carry over this eating habit into your real life, and share it with the rest of the family. My husband now eats like me, and I don’t feel like I am eating alone.

Keep checking back for new recipes. And remember these are specifically portioned for the 500 calorie diet. If making for more than one, adjust accordingly.

Creole Gumbo

3.5 oz White Fish, cooked til flaky tender

Cabbage, diced

12 grape tomatoes chunked in processor

Old Bay seasoning Pinch

1 cup Swanson Chicken Broth

Cook til cabbage is tender or about 4 minutes in microwave.

Serve with 1 Melba Toast