SEO Tactics

Well, as you can see, my blog is up and running. So one of the first things I did was to go to and read their suggestions for Search Engine Optimization.  It’s plain and very simple steps to do what goole uses to search your site. And they are not keeping secrets about it either.

Five Simple SEO Tactics from Google

1.  Be sure that other relevant sites are linking to you.

2.  Submit your site to Google at

3.  Create a simple sitemap and submit it as part of the Google Webmaster Tools.  Google uses this sitemap to learn about the structure of your site and to increase coverage of your web page.

3. Be sure that all sites that should know about your pages are aware your site is online. More about this later.

4.  Be sure to submit your site to the relevant directories such as dmoz and yahoo, as well as any other industry-relevant expert sites.

5. If at all possible purchase a keyword rich domain name.

Well, there you have it, not really hard things to do, and easy steps to follow.

Until later,

Coolest Chic On The Planet



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