Focal Point N Shoot

July 28, 2009


Recompositioned and Enhanced

Recompositioned and Enhanced

This particular shot was taken with the date/time stamp. Sometimes we just aren’t thinking straight.  It’s not like we are going to print these out or anything, so why save the date. I like the commercials with ALL the photos stored in the camera, it’s just handy right?

Anyway, the composition on this piece is awesome, but the horizontal balance could use a little loosing up. There are so many different shapes in the composition, that the formal and almost exact amount of sky, middle, and bottom makes this feel “locked” up. Luckily by cropping the date/time out, and a couple of rear ends of people on the right, it really loosened up the stiff horizontal lines making it flow much nicer. It also put the focal point, which is the “Ball Tree” just where it needs to be…the focal point! Ta! Da!

Enjoy. I might just make this one into a “canvas print” and hang on my wall. Oh wait, it doesn’t belong to me!!!!


Photoshop Magic on Flowers

July 28, 2009
SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)

SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)

Enhanced, Lifelike

Enhanced, Lifelike

I was jaunting around Facebook the other day, when I noticed my Darling Daughter put up some new pics of a place her BF and her went. That is the only way you know what is going on in their lives, right?  They were really pretty awesome pics coming from a point and shoot. Not only were they breathtaking, the composition and lighting seemed almost perfect. The day was a bit cloudy, so I think God’s natural filter, the clouds, helped a whole lot. And…well, they are both artists, so composition I am sure was not a mistake, they have good design eyes!

Having gotten Photoshop recently, I have been dying to try it out on some photos.  However, not having anything good in the way of pics lying around, I thought playing with her pics would be fun.

The first pic is SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera). Don’t know if this is a real term or not, but lots of the “photomaniacs” on forums use the term, so there it is.

The second shot is “PS’d”. Now my husband can’t tell muchdifference on these, but let me tell you. A flick of the click and PS the grandchild, and WOW!!! he can tell a difference. Although, I truly can’t see how our little BabyCakes can get any cuter than cute than cute!

Tell me if you can tell the difference. I can almost smell the second flower. Check back, as I will be posting all the ones I PS’d

Core Rhythms Workout

June 16, 2009

Core Rhythms Workout focuses on the core and the core muscles.  Try working though it 2 times, and you have a quick 15 minute workout. Beware, though, you will sweat, and you will feel it in your core.

White Hand Knit Baby Cocoon

June 9, 2009
White Hand Knit Baby Cocoon

White Hand Knit Baby Cocoon

The snow is softly falling outside, but inside, next to the fire, you are snuggling with your new precious princess in her Snow White Hand Knit Baby CocoonInfant Cocoons are the newest  concept in infant gifts. These hand knit soft as a baby’s bottom sacks are not only beautiful, but very practical.

There are no loose ends of a blanket to fall out of your arms. Baby’s foot never sneaks out the bottom of the Baby Cocoon to catch a chill.  There is nothing to tie, wrap, or keep track of.  Just slip your little package into the “pod” as they are sometimes called, and watch her drift into slumberland.

Infant Cocoons are a soft and natural way to snuggle with baby. SusanLeeGlam makes one that  is Hand knit with Chunky Acrylic White Yarn.  It is easy wash, lay to dry care.

These make perfect Christening, Baptism, or Blessing Gifts.

Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, The Truth

May 28, 2009

The real truth behind the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt is that marketing really does work. Much like the Slinky, Rubic’s Cube, and the Pet Rock, Three Wolf Moon will go down in “I owned that fad” history.

Of course, a few feeble minded idiots also though CD’s would pass inthe mist, as would cell phones (they are too bulky and expensive) and monster sized televisions. After all, who wants those humongous contraptions taking up all that space in the living room.. geez!

If I were to guess the true meaning of Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, I would say it means it is gonna be a down right cold night….wasn’t that a song once…oh wait, that was Three Dog Night, name of a group.  Now where did they fade off to? Hm, guess it was a fad too!

So crumpled in the bottom of my closet, next to my pet rock, and foam curlers and moon boot slippers is my Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt. Should put it into a time capsule.


Pink Frosting

May 23, 2009

Friendship is to life like Pink Frosting is to cake. These are the words of a very special lady who lost her battle to cancer.  She lost her battle, but not her life because she will live on forever in our hearts.

Pink Frosting is a wonderful analogy to friendship. Everyone loves Pink Frosting.  For some of us, we budgie up to the front of the line to get that special piece of wedding cake with the most frosting. Hey we even let people go ahead of us, one at a time,  until the next piece is a corner. Twice the frosting, half the cake, yummmiiii!

When one finds that “kindred spirit” , as Ann of Green Gables says, we know we have found that “Pink Frosting” in our lives.

That friend would do anything for you. And even in times of deepest sorrow, is still there to hold you up, hold your hand, clean up the mess, quiet the storms, whisper encouragement and even make you laugh.

Who is your Pink Frosting, share with us…..

Curves On Monroe – Madison, WI

May 13, 2009

As I have spent most of the last 6 weeks north of the Mason Dixon Line, at Curves On Monroe in Madison, WI, I have learned so much about exercise and health, both of which I usually turn a deaf ear.

First, the machines are MADE for women, which is the big selling point. Then they are designed to work two muscles at a time, not just one, as the traditional weight training does.

Then, at Curves On Monroe, the environment is not traditional either. It is loaded with green plants, a resident bird, and a dog or two spattered in.

This green plants makes Curves On Monroe, truly GREEN. The plants give back the oxygen and cleans the air from the carbon dioxide that the women exhale as they exercise.

Lucy, the resident Cockatiel, chirps and chatters adding to that atrium environment.

I have been working here while the owner goes out in the community and does some markting. I have made some great friends here, and look forward each time I get the chance to come. Of course, it would be soooo much better if it was a paying job, but hey, I am adding it to my resume, if I ever need to get a real job (chuckle)!

So if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop in, bring your dog, chat, workout, and make a memory with me.