HCG Diet Recipes

NOTE: These are all made for single serving on the 500 calorie HCG Diet, with required 3.5 oz of meats or veggies. If you are making for family meals, adjust accordingly.

Chicken Tomato Cilantro Soup

3.5 oz chicken

1 cup Swanson Broth

cook 20 minutes until chicken is done

Add 12 Grape tomatoes pureed

Pinches of Cilantro, oregano, Emeril’s seasoning

cook for 10 more minutes

Serve with 1 Garlic Melba toast from HCG diet Protocol recipes

Apple Salsa

1 Fugi Apple diced

1 wedge lemon

1 TB orange zest

Mix apples and zest, drizzle lemon juice and dust with Cinnamon and nutmeg. Serve with melba toast

Morrocan Chicken

3.5 oz chicken

2 TB water

pinch garlic powder

pinch onion powder

1/4 tsp cilantro

pinch of parsley

pinch of ginger , saffron, and salt

mix all ingredients and rub over chicken. Bake for 10 minutes. Serve with vegetable.

Grandma’s Chicken Soup


1 cup Swanson Chicken Broth

Cabagge sliced to resemble noodles

pinch onion powder

pinch garlic powder

3.5 oz brocoli

1 Tb apple cider

Cook until chicken is tender and cabbage and brocoli is tender.


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