How To Print Your Own Fabric Labels

August 22, 2009
Print Your Own Fabric Label is easy

Print Your Own Fabric Label is easy

I did some research recently on how to print your own fabric labels and came up with a pretty simple process. It wasn’t as time consuming as I first thought, and worked quite well.

Here are the supplies you need to print your own fabric labels:

Freezer paper cut into 8.5×11  sheets (use a sheet of printer paper as a guide to be sure you have square corners and straight edges)

100% cotton fabric, white, washed, dried and pressed to remove any sizing

Printer, computer

First design your label. I used a simple Lucinda Calligraphy Font, with the intent of printing my fabric labels in black. This was my first try of course. If you want to get more adventurous, you could go into graphic designer  mode and  design a three color logo and get fancy, but I figure, I’d save time on the learning curving by keeping it simple.

I loaded this design in a simple Publisher label format that makes 1 1/2×3″ mailing labels.  After centering and adding other pertinent information to the label, like stuff needed for CPSIA, I am ready to print my own fabric label.

Now, to get the fabric sheets ready to print. Simply iron the freezer paper onto the fabric, using cotton setting, pressing on the paper side to avoid scorching. Use gentle pressure, as you are not pressing wrinkles, but “ironing on the paper”. If you are pressing more than one sheet of freezer paper, leave 1/2 inch between each sheet to cut them apart. You might need to iron on the kitchen table with a bed sheet folded several times so as not to ruin your table. Most iron boards are too soft to do this. If you are a quilter, you most likely have a pressing board. I also find the cheapo table top iron boards work well for these. I have a closet full of them when my kids realized they really didn’t need these in the college dorm…who has time to iron?

Cut the excess fabric very carefully without raveling, using a very sharp fabric scissors.  Remember when your mother yelled at you to not use her “fabric” scissors for paper? Well, don’t cut the paper! Not only will it ruin your scissors, forever, she says, but you will not have even paper for the printer, duh!

Ok, now you are ready to print. Place one “fabric sheet” in the printer. Do the computer magic to print off a sheet of labels. I found I had to “guide” my fabric out of the printer, or it would get hung up on one edge.If you have difficulty with your printer, you could put masking tape on the starter edge to make it firmer.

Print Your Own Fabric Labels Easily

Print Your Own Fabric Labels Easily

When printing is done, gently remove freezer paper starting at one corner. Try not to pull your fabric all out of shape.

Fill your bathroom sink with cold water, enough to cover fabric. I added ice cubes to make it really cold. This is supposed to rid any stray ink from your fabric, and if printed too thick, help with that. I did see some flecks in the sink, but if your printer is like mine I am always just one page away from “empty ink cartridge” anyway, so maybe even with printing on “best” there was medium to light ink on the fabric.

Of course if you used a new cartridge, and the fancy fandango full graphic three color design, you really do need this step.

After about 5 minutes of letting this set in cold water, gently remove, fold twice and press between towel to get rid of excess water. DO NOT SQUEEZE OR WRING!

I patted mine almost dry, then with DRY iron on cotton setting, gently press ink side to set the ink into the fabric. Throwing this in the dryer for 40 minutes will do the same thing, but unless you are making 1,000 labels, and just did 75 sheets of paper, it’s not the brightest thing to throw one sheet in the dryer. Ironing will do just fine.

When dry, cut labels apart, and either sew them in, or use iron on stuff to glue them onto your product. I used a pinking shears to cut them apart, and they work just fine.

If you prefer to just stitch them in, and don’t want to turn under edges or worried about raveling in the washer, then using cotton jersey knit is the key. You can use fray check on the edges, but geesh, this was supposed to be simple. You choose.

Hope this helps. Go ahead and get fancy on the next set of labels you make.

If you wish to do the more faster method, you can buy the “Printable fabric sheets” from Joann Fabric store, or online and use those instead.  I live out in the back woods, and have no such store around. I also did not want to wait for shipment. I had freezer paper, and fabric, so this was the route I took.

I also use the “Iron On Fabric Transfer” from Walmart to make a fancier label with just my shop name. This I use on non CSPIA stuff to label my pretties.

Have fun, contact me if you got problems.


Get Back Together With Your Ex-How to Rekindle Your Relationship

August 12, 2009

Are you looking to get back together with your ex? Do not write the relationship off completely simply because you were dumped. If you really want to get back together with your ex, getting results is possible with some hard work and understanding.

People in relationships can be totally fickle. In 75 percent of all relationships, for example, the woman calls the relationship. More often than not however, they are also open to re-establishing relationships.

Your break up may have been impulsive, meaning that your significant other may be willing to rekindle things if you give it enough time.

If you really want to get back together with ex, you need to focus on the positive aspects of the situation. Prevent yourself from giving up, writing things off or responding badly to the situation at hand. Bad things happen, but there are resolutions and not every break up means the permanent end to the relationship.

Figuring out what went wrong is part of the process of learning how to get back together with ex.  This enables  you to change those things and move on. If  these things are not fixed, then the your relationship is never going to be capable of being rekindled and those same bad things will occur again.

Was she bored in the relationship? Was he looking for more space? Find out the root of the problem and find a way to change things. If you really want to get back together with ex, you need to show your ex that you are the person that he or she really wants in life.

One of the ways that you can figure out how to get back together with ex is to show your ex that you are in demand. By showing them that you are moving on and that you are satisfied with life rather than dwelling on the past gives them the impression that you are trying to balance out your life.. This will show your ex that you can be mature and happy, and it may just remind them how much they need and want you.

Go out and have some fun with your friends and show your ex that you can live without him or her, and you may just help them remember how much they want to be with you, which is a great way to learn how to get back together with ex.

When you are serious about wanting to get back together with ex, you need to realize that making things work is about doing the right things and rekindling the right feelings and emotions. There is a power shift that needs to occur, and you need to restore the balance in order to make things comfortable enough again that you can get back together with ex.

You can learn how to get back together with ex, simply be patient and willing to listen to the right advice in order to make it happen. Become teachable to sound advice.

Finding reputable advice on how to get back together with your ex can be confusing and frustrating. Our advice and techniques are simple and doable. With these practical tips, you can be back with your ex in no time.

Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel, take the plunge and do it right the first time with

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Running of the Bulls

August 3, 2009
The Girls

The Girls

Saturday was a big day at the ranch. Not only did the girls look good, but they were busy munching the grass around my house…YAY!!! No more rattler, as I am sure he lit outa there when 150 PrimeRibs arrived.

Big Red Bull

Big Red Bull

Big Red got his chance as “The Bachelor”, so he was checking out the chicks!

Bull Bus

Bull Bus

Then the “Bull Bus” came, and unloaded three more bundles of testosterone. Whew! That’s alot of bull!!!

The stare down

The stare down

Now comes the good part, introductions. It was one challenge after another. The winner of the challenge would “bellow with winners howl”….all night long. And remember these buff boys are in my front yard.

Hot Wired

Hot Wired

Yes, that is one, teeny, tiny wire between us. But really, like he’d be interested in this old wrinkly bag of bones, instead of the young stuff in the field?

Another Big Boy

Another Big Boy

This is another one of the Big Boys, there are now 4 of them, to duke it out and find out who is the leader. I will be glad when they are away from my house, as they give me the willies. They stalk around like big bullies, oh wait, they are.

I will try to download some of the bull fights i caught on camera. Nothing horrible, but I sure wouldn’t want to be in the middle of them.

Boys will be boys, I guess.

Shorthorn Cattle of Southern Wisconsin

April 11, 2009

The Shorthorn Cattle are an exceptional beef breed, with defined carcass and muscle mass that creates might fine tasty steaks.  Originating in the North East of England in the late 18th century, it was developed and managed for both the meat and milk needs of the England countryside.

With their meat and milk quality surpassing those of more moderate breeding, the Shorthorn Cattle quickly became the breed for optimal and dependent performance. With their quick adaptability, the Shorthorn Cattle has become a popular breed on a global market.

This desperate ranchwife is always wondering why a person can’t go to the supermarket and pick up a Shorthorn Cattle Rump Roast for family gatherings. After all, we can choose vegetables from California, or Mexico, Ginsing from China, or even noodles from New York. I know the Angus Beef Marketing board has spent gazillion bucks on making sure we can buy beef that is “Angus”, so come on Shorthorn Cattle Ranchers, shell out the $$ and get your products on our shelves with your name!

One question for you folks out there raising Shorthorn Cattle, are their horns really short? er, or do they even have horns?

Being a “horn” person, I convinced my husband that I would love one of those sets of  “longhorns” for over the fireplace. He must have misunderstood me, cause now I have about 50 Longhorned Cattle roaming these hilly pastures. “Go for it honey” git yur horns for over the fireplace” he says…hm men, you can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them!

Normande Cattle, The Great Steak

April 9, 2009

Normande Cattle Built Strong

Normande Cattle Built Strong

Normande Cattle is a breed that looks like it is all steak! While doing some research recently, I came across this picture of a Normande Cattle breed.

Being a Desperate Ranchwife myself, I was intrigued with this Normande Cattle Breed.  Seems they were originally brought to Normandy by the Viking conquers in the 9th and 10th centuries. Wouldn’t want to be in the bottom of that ship!  In a  span of  a thousand years,  these Normande Cattle were bred and evolved into a dual purpose breed to meet the milk and meat needs of the people of northwestern France.

Of course, by the time the Allied forces invaded Normandy during World War II, the breed had become almost decimated. So much for a great steak with creamy alfredo sauce!

Normande Cattle have since been exported world wide, with South America being the most popular place of growth.

The Normande Cattle Breed, with their sound feet and legs, can travel long distances over rough terrain to very economically graze the forages and native roughages.

Guess this Desparate Ranchwife is going hunting for a great steak to add to this hilly outpost of the ozarks! P.S. Wild hog hunting starts this week! Back to the woods! Um, yum!

Environmentally Going Green

October 10, 2008
Going Green Organic Style

Going Green Organic Style

Well, this CoolestChicOnThePlanet is finally adding Carbon Credits to the environment. Two weeks ago, we finally put in a lawn, and did some simple landscaping. Well, I thought it was simple, until I realized the only help CowboyDoc was going to do was pay the credit card bill for everything.

I put out an all points bulletin to any strapping young man wanting to earn some bucks. Surprisingly I got  4 young entrepreneurs. They worked hard and consistant, raking, shoveling gravel, breaking implements and feasting on my cooking.

It is exciting to see my little grasslings coming through. With the cool mornings down here, you can almost hear them pushing up the sod. I put my Environmentally Green lawn mower together last night, in my living room,  in anticipation of its maiden voyage.  Ok, so it is not a gas mower or a riding, and really does look pretty with all its green paint. I have been rolling it around the carpet, building muscle tone, just in case the lawn needs a touch up before winter sets in.

My CoolestDaughterOnThePlanet has used one of these all summer up North of the Mason Dixon Line, and was even featured on the evening news with it. Now, there aren’t any news cameras around these parts for many miles, but I will gain notariety anyway, cause people will think I am crazy.

And for those of you not up to date on Carbon Credits, my understanding is that you grow stuff, and then you sell imaginary “Credits” to others who are gobbling up the ozone. Sound like a great virtual scam to me, but hey, if someone needs them, I will grow them. My only problem, is to know when to fertilize the credits?????

Keeping it real in the back woods!

Hurricane Ike Relief

September 16, 2008
CoolestChicOnThePlanet Campfire Cooking

CoolestChicOnThePlanet Campfire Cooking

I was lazily sitting around at the CoolestSisSouthofMasonDixon’s house, our laptops hooked up to DSL, clickity-clacking away, when I received a distress call from my CowboyDoc. Seems Hurricane Ike roared through in the night down in the Ozarks and although all was safe, there was no power. Silly me, I forgot to leave the National Emergency Plan in plain sight so he could find it. Where are the candles, where are the candle holders, where are matches. What about water, do we have water anywhere, drinking or otherwise???? My guess is he already used both toilets and flushed.

My CoolestSisSouthofMasonDixon and I giggled, and chatted online at each other, yes, we ARE sitting next to each other, but it was something silly to do. Mind you we are both over 50, and to us this fad called internet highway is our toy. Anyway, I quietly assured him he had most of the necessities of life and told him I’d be home in the morning.

You see I am what you call A BoyScoutMother, not a den mother, just a mother, who is always prepared. I watch news for latest updates. If a storm is on the horizon, which I can actually watch coming in, from my high ridge ranch, I fill all my water containers, fill both bathtubs (for toilet flush water), get candles ready, bring in enough wood, if I need to cook in the fireplace, yum, and of course get the cloth diapers ready, just in case a baby in the neighborhood would need it. And the neighbors know, that i am always prepared, and that I can “Go Native”.

So Ike hits, I get home around noon, and the house looks all quiet, real quiet, no power. Seems it’s been out for over 24 hours already. I set up command central in the kitchen, where dishes are piled high and dirty, I forgot to tell him to use paper plates in cabinet, and then burn them as fire starters. Oh well, I go outside, it is clear but cool, and set up my “Camp Kitchen”. NeighborLady stopped by to ask if i wanted to go over to their cabins and put our refridge stuff in their fridges and shower. There are only three of us with no power, everyone else has power around us. No, I said, we’ll fair ok. She asks if I use the grill to cook, no, I said, can only grill on the grill, and I don’t have enough charcoal, end of grill season you know, but with all these trees and limbs down, it will make an nice camp cooking fire.

So I began cleaning out the refridge and freezer. Tip#1 If you put your food in coolers, it will save better, especially if your freezer is not full. Put frozen food on the bottom and refridge food on top. As the hours wane on, start cooking, you can alway refreeze cooked food. So I started the dutch oven, deer meat, and vegetables from refridge, slow cooking, saves the food for supper hour. About 30 minutes before eating, I mixed up a batch of cornbread in the cast iron skillet and gently set it in the coals. Then started the coffee pot.

Somehow, out here, near dusk, the modern reality of no power made no difference. It was a cool night, hot fire, good food, and quiet conversation under a blanket of the Almighty Stars with such brightness to light up the entire sky. The smell of a hickory fire, reminded CowboyDoc and I of the time we served as missionaries in Uganda, East Africa. We finished up supper, and I burned the plates to stoke up the fire, washed the few dishes with the huge kettle of water that I had steaming on the fire.

My CowboyDoc thanked me for the great hot meal, coming home to save him, and for being NativeAmerican and going back to my heritage. You see, while the kids were growing up, I used to do Heritage Days, where I, in all my beaded leather regalia would cook over an open fire, making stew in the belly of a cow which children imagined to be a buffalo, or deer whichever was in season, grilling steaks on a rock, baking potatoes in the coals, and the teachers and I would feast. The only thing I had was a bowie knife. All the rest of my tools were rocks, sticks, pieces of leather thong, grasses. No pots, pans, silverware, dishes, or other fineries of modern times. I even wove the baskets my food was kept in and what I ate off.

I will pray for the survivors of Ike and only wish they could know what I know. Working together, we can all survive. God provided us with everything we need right here, our minds being the greatest, but don’t get me wrong, I really do love POWER!!!!!ON!!!!!