About Sue

I am just trying to get to the top in a little contest called “coolest chic on the planet“.

As I learn the ins and outs of SEO and things of that nature, I am excited to be actually having fun also.

Why would anyone not want to become the coolest chic on the planet?

I am a simple woman, with simple means. I make no claims of great events or experiences.

I have done my share of raising the roof in my younger days, and since have settled into a comfortable life of retired rancher wife. 

My children have learned at my knee, and have gone on to do great things in their own lives, which has become my badge of honor. A mothers joy is in the lives of those she has loved.

My other children, my angels in need, came through our lives each needing a special gift of love from us. 25 all total have earned a place in my heart, and it is my prayer that someday, they will return the gift to someone else.

When the final sunset lays over the hills of my back door, my heart’s desire is that I will hear:
“Well, done, good and faithful servant.”

May you be blessed by the people who travel through your life, and may you share with them a piece of you to carry them through.


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