Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, The Truth

May 28, 2009

The real truth behind the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt is that marketing really does work. Much like the Slinky, Rubic’s Cube, and the Pet Rock, Three Wolf Moon will go down in “I owned that fad” history.

Of course, a few feeble minded idiots also though CD’s would pass inthe mist, as would cell phones (they are too bulky and expensive) and monster sized televisions. After all, who wants those humongous contraptions taking up all that space in the living room.. geez!

If I were to guess the true meaning of Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, I would say it means it is gonna be a down right cold night….wasn’t that a song once…oh wait, that was Three Dog Night, name of a group.  Now where did they fade off to? Hm, guess it was a fad too!

So crumpled in the bottom of my closet, next to my pet rock, and foam curlers and moon boot slippers is my Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt. Should put it into a time capsule.



Pink Frosting

May 23, 2009

Friendship is to life like Pink Frosting is to cake. These are the words of a very special lady who lost her battle to cancer.  She lost her battle, but not her life because she will live on forever in our hearts.

Pink Frosting is a wonderful analogy to friendship. Everyone loves Pink Frosting.  For some of us, we budgie up to the front of the line to get that special piece of wedding cake with the most frosting. Hey we even let people go ahead of us, one at a time,  until the next piece is a corner. Twice the frosting, half the cake, yummmiiii!

When one finds that “kindred spirit” , as Ann of Green Gables says, we know we have found that “Pink Frosting” in our lives.

That friend would do anything for you. And even in times of deepest sorrow, is still there to hold you up, hold your hand, clean up the mess, quiet the storms, whisper encouragement and even make you laugh.

Who is your Pink Frosting, share with us…..

Curves On Monroe – Madison, WI

May 13, 2009

As I have spent most of the last 6 weeks north of the Mason Dixon Line, at Curves On Monroe in Madison, WI, I have learned so much about exercise and health, both of which I usually turn a deaf ear.

First, the machines are MADE for women, which is the big selling point. Then they are designed to work two muscles at a time, not just one, as the traditional weight training does.

Then, at Curves On Monroe, the environment is not traditional either. It is loaded with green plants, a resident bird, and a dog or two spattered in.

This green plants makes Curves On Monroe, truly GREEN. The plants give back the oxygen and cleans the air from the carbon dioxide that the women exhale as they exercise.

Lucy, the resident Cockatiel, chirps and chatters adding to that atrium environment.

I have been working here while the owner goes out in the community and does some markting. I have made some great friends here, and look forward each time I get the chance to come. Of course, it would be soooo much better if it was a paying job, but hey, I am adding it to my resume, if I ever need to get a real job (chuckle)!

So if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop in, bring your dog, chat, workout, and make a memory with me.