Zac Brown Band-Chicken Fried, Song of the South

March 11, 2009

Zac Brown Band’s  Chicken Fried made a rare appearance last week during High School Algebra 1 class. In harmony even.

I had just finished explaining linear equations to a super hyper-active class of 7th hour Friday pimple poppers. The teacher gave me instructions to make a pot of coffee for the kids, cause the caffeine works reverse with ADHD. And by that time of day…meds are wearing off. So with coffee in hand…

As I gave my last example, I accidentally said…And that’s it kids!

It’s Friday…and the back of the room began in harmony…

“You know I like my chicken fried”….and continued singing, until the whole class was belting it out.

I proceeded into air guitar, while singing along doing my ” happy dance” for 3 more minutes until the bell rang.

Will they remember the linear equation example? Probably not, but they will be the first one to grab me in the hall when I come back and ask for help on the next math issue they have. They’ll come around…..right?And if not, they will always remember that Crazy Fun Sub that sang in class.

And for all you RV Alums at SG,WI and JLR’s friends, who read this blog…..I am way more FUN now as a sub…and someday I’ll make a youtube vid !!!!!

This is for all you Yankees who don’t know “The Song of the South”…….more comonly known as “Chicken Fried”.


Does My Baby Have Infant Trush?

March 9, 2009
Infant Thrush Symptoms

Infant Thrush Symptoms

How do you know if your baby has Infant Oral Thrush? One of the most common symptoms of  Baby Thrush is white pasty inner mouth. Sometimes this looks like cottage cheese, or curdled milk. A quick inspection of the mouth might also show small sores. Gently wipe the inside of  his mouth with a soft cloth to help you see better.

I found good information about Infant Thrush giving some good details, and a good resource for new mothers.

With the price of insurance these days, I cannot imagine having young children. The internet is a good source of information, helping new mothers get some facts in order to make a decision as to whether or not to rush to the emergency room.

With some of the less critical problems infants have, it is good to know about the home remedies that work.