Free Florida Vacation

January 7, 2009
Free Florida Vacation

Free Florida Vacation

The secret to a Free Florida Vacation is just right for this little gal. I just couldn’t pass up the chance to get this darling BabyCakes pic up here. She is getting ready for the beach, on her first ever Free Florida Vacation.

Well, we all really know there is no such thing as free anymore, but for the most part our recent winter getaway was low cost. We carpooled with 5 of us helping with gas, and it didn’t hurt that TheCoolestChicOnThePlanet just got a new minivan, for comfort and gas economy. We drove straight through the night, therefore did not need any meals, that was a real savings!

CowboyDoc’s Mom treats everyone to a condo, and although it was a crunch to fit 8 people, it worked for us. However I must admit, after we unloaded everything and claimed our spaces, it looked more like a dorm room after an earthquake, than a luxury condo on the Gulf of Mexico. But again, we suffered through it very willingly.

The week was gloriously sunny and warm, the meals satisfying and the company grand. Since there are seven siblings and their family, each one only has to cook one time, during the week to feed the whole crew. It really cuts down on the “housekeeping” duties of cooking and cleaning.

Time was spent shopping, seeing sights, sun bathing, shell hunting, eating and gabbing. Of course, I spent all my time with BabyCakes, even naptimes, it was exhausting.

The week came to an end and we sent most of our family north of the Mason Dixon line, to the frozen tundra up north, while we southerners still bask in the milder January chills.

To everyone, May you have a blessed New Year with those you love.