Twilight Mittens Like Bella Wears

bella-mittensHaving recently relearned how to knit, I am always up for a challenge. It seems that the Twilight  Mittens like Bella wears in the movie have created quite a stir. I had a pair of these when I was a kid  in navy, that my mother knitted for me one Christmas. They were really warm, and yes, came almost up to my elbows. I wore them over my coat, when I went out to shovel snow for all the neighbors, which was my winter job back then.

These Twilight  Mittens, which they are getting to be known as, look like simple horseshoe cables. I just learned how to make cables last week and these do not look that difficult.

As I sit by the fire and knit my Twilight Mittens, I will let you know how they look. Although it is not that cold in these parts, I will most likely use them as a gift. I do remember those Twilight Mittens from years gone by, however, and how toasty they were on snowy winter nights.

Stay tuned and come back, I’ll post a pic when I get them finished.


One Response to Twilight Mittens Like Bella Wears

  1. jamie says:

    haha! i made a pair of those for ann (gus’s mom)! she’s 6’1″ so she wanted them, b.c store-bought mittens are never long enough to fit her.

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