Mini Top Hats Lolita Goth Cosplay Steampunk or Burlesque

November 13, 2008
Mini Top Hat Lolita Cosplay Steampunk Burlesque

Mini Top Hat Lolita Cosplay Steampunk Burlesque

I recently launched my newest product line which is these darling mini top hats. I didn’t realize how popular they were until I had a client buy one of my regular hat fashions, ask if I would do a mini top hat similar to it for them.

After much research, which is really shopping, but don’t tell CowboyDoc that, I found out that there is an entire genre of adults who enjoy dressing up for no reason other than to show off their elaborate outfits. Us Westerners have always had Civil War reinactments, Jubilees, SASS Events, Ren Faires, and in the last 10 years Steampunk. However, it turns out that the Eastern civilizations, mainly Japan have always had “Dress Up Days”. Since the birth of gaming however, it has become an entire industry in and of itself. There are now conventions totally dedicated to this “Costume Playing” or Cosplay for short.

So I have begun designing and creating delightful Mini Top Hats for Lolita, Cosplay, Goth, Steampunk, Burlesque and yes even Drag Queens. Other than being stuck out in no man’s land, where even a specific color of ribbon is hard to come by, I am finding that my boxes of craft goodies are slowly being devoured.

I am featuring them on my new Store Site And of course if you are interested in a custom piece, just drop me a line. My Sparkly Ice Princess, which is white and silver metallic should be a great hit for New Year’s Eve Parties.

My other color choices right now are Royal Blue, Ruby Siren, Vixen Violet, Snow Queen (all white), Formal Affair (Black/White), Midnight (black), and Pink Hotsy. I will probably bring out other colors in the future like Green for St. Pattys. These Mini Top Hats are just the right final touch for your outfit.