Just Shootin’ the Bull

August 28, 2008
The Backside of Beauty
The Backside of Beauty

Just sitting around waitin’ for relatives to arrive…about 8 hours from now! I always remembered that the day that friends or relatives arrive seemed to be the longest day of the year, along with paydays!

Sounds like we got lots of activities planned, horseback riding, canoeing the river, lots and lots of outdoor, back to nature type of adventures in this, steaming, near 100’s degree heat. Oh, these relatives are from north the Mason Dixon, way North! Guess they will be pleasantly surprised when all those gunhoe activities get put on the back burner, literally, and we lazily lounge around, sipping sweet tea in the AC!
So the coolest chic on the planet who lives with the coolest cowboy on the planet, on the coolest ranch on the planet will hang out in the cool, take our afternoon siesta, throw the dust rag around a bit, and wait…and wait…and wait… pass the sweet tea, please!
And someday, I will tell you about the coolest ranch on the planet.

How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infections Naturally

August 14, 2008

For many of us menapausal desparate housewives, yeast infections are a regular occurance. Some of it is due to age, gravity of certain internal organs, and medications used in this the prime of our lives.

A yeast infection is when the naturally occurring Candida albicans fungus in our digestive tract becomes overgrown in our body. This can happen several ways.

Some of the most common causes of yeast infections in men and women are due to low immune systems, allergies, overuse of antibiotics or steroids, diabetes, sugar overload, and lastly wearing either too tight clothing or wet clothing. This is a common occurrence for those occupations such as lifeguards, water sports, swimmers, and marine wildlife fields.

Symptoms of yeast infections include intense itching, burning while urinating, smelly or milky discharge.  there are other symptoms which occur that are signs of an imablance in fungus in our bodies, and those are dandruff, or severe acne.

Some ways to get rid of yeast infections naturally and stabilize the fungus are to eat plain yogurt, or use it as a vabinal suppository.  Yogurt contains the acidophilus and bifidus bacteria which needs to be put back into your system.  Drinking lots of water helps your system to balance out the ph in your urine also.

Vinegar used as a douche or cleansing aid in a 1 teaspoon to 1 quart water combination is advantageous. Do this one time each day for no more than a week.

Garlic is another natural boost to your system.  Not only eating it, but also using 1 peeled clove wrapped in gauze and then inserted into the vagina.

Cranberries, and blueberries are natural fruits that help balance the ph in your system.

Be sure to wear looser clothing, and try to keep clothing dry, or change often if allowed in your job.

Once you know how to get rid of yeast infections naturally, rebalancing your digestive tract is the best way to stay on target to avoiding future bouts of yeast infections.

Mamma Mia, The Dancing Queen

August 8, 2008

During my recent travels, I was able to trekk out with the CoolestSistersInLaws and take in the new movie with Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia. It was a real delight and a total ChickFlick bar none. Even the few men in the theatre were holding up under the stress quite well.

Meryl comes through as usual in this family romp around Greece. The scenery is breathtaking, better than some travel brochures I’ve seen. If travel to Greece doesn’t get a boost, I’d be very surprised. Hearing Abba’s great numbers did not do any harm either. I’ve always maintained, the Baby Boomers are the spenders now, and all they have to do is create a fun, lively movie with all the oldies of our era, and we will flock to it. Surprisingly enough, all my kids grew up with that music, so there just might be some twenty somethings sharing the joy also.

One of the CoolestSisterInLaws, actually saw the show live in Vegas and felt the movie was not as well done. I always maintained there is a certain connection between a live audience and performers, if all the cards are stacked right, that dims the performances of the “film” version of anything.

So for the time being, this desparate ranch wife is now the “Dancing Queen”.

Ishmael Bael, African Child Soldier

August 5, 2008
My Foster Son Francis Opio Abari from Uganda

My Foster Son Francis Opio Abari from Uganda

The picture at the left is a photo I took while on a Mission trip to Uganda. Francis Opio Abari is a young college student studing Project Development at Makere University in Kampala, Uganda.

I just finished watching a Good Morning America segment on Ishmael Bael. Now a young man, he was forced to become a child soldier during the civil war in Sierre Leone. He has written a book of his expierences now out in paperback, titled “A Long Way Gone”. I have just ordered the book and am anxious to read it to see the perspective from this youngs mans eyes.


I first met Francis, my foster Son, when my husband and son made their first missionary journey to Uganda almost 5 years ago. He was then a young high school student in a prep high school designed to take smart boys, with leadership capabilities to train them for the University. He has just graduated from his studies at the University and now his goal is to attend a University in the United States to complete his Masters Program. We are so very proud of him and his faith and trust that God will provide for him. He too was orphaned as a young child, but was able to live with an older sister until he attended the high school.

We talk every week, on the internet, for which I am eternally grateful. Francis is a quiet, determined, diligent, and persistant young man. I have no doubt that he will be able to attend school in the United States someday.

What amazed me most after I traveled to Africa with African Children’s Mission and met the people, is the determined spirit of those wishing to succeed. It is probably more described as tenacity.  Their desire to become better than they are already is their total focus, and it is done with total acceptance of those willing to help them. They are eager learners, always wanting more and willing to ivest the time to do it.

I taught quilting to widows in the bush. Some would walk for two hours in their finest dresses, no shoes, to get to the dirt brick little building where we had class. They always wanted to stay longer than the 3 hours, but I knew some had to walk a long way home, and had to fix meals for their children. I have since heard that they are making a living now with their quilting and able to pay their small mortgage of $4 a month for their little huts that Habitat for Humanity built for them.

I just can’t imagine having a mortgage of $4, much less no way to pay for it. The ladies make pillow covers to sell at the big market in Kampala which is about 2 hours away, by car ride, on dirt roads. My mentor says they are coming up with their own designs and they are beautiful. I wish someday to return and see their work, and teach them more.

The women in these deep bush areas have no cultural skills. They have spent generations in survival mode, just barely scraping an existence during the civil wars that ravaged the area. There are so many other skills they could learn, and use their talents, and designs. Maybe someday, I will return. Someday.

Vermont’s Coolest Chic on the Planet

August 4, 2008
Coolest Chic On The Planet Favorite

Coolest Chic On The Planet Favorite

After flying high, both literally, and pharmacutically, (better living through chemistry!), we have successfully married off another relative. The east coast is beautiful this time of the year, and although we weren’t really on the coast, we were close enough.

It was refreshing to revisit old haunts on Lake Champlain, where we stayed. Actually, we stayed in a garage. Now for some that might sound a bit on the yuk side, but this was no ordinary garage. Not only did we never see any cars in it, but it had bamboo laminate flooring. It was a three story “GarageMahal” as they lovingly call it. The first level was indeed a cement floor “car storage”, but you know how that goes, everything is there but the cars including pingpong table. The second story was a huge guest room with small separate bedroom, bath, and deck overlooking her lucious English Country gardens. The third floor loft, will be extra sleeping for kiddos, I imagine. It was in the country, quiet, and truly a relaxing environment.

After the wedding we went to stay with the CoolestBrotherInLawOnThePlanet and his family, along with the myriad of other family members. This is where, kitchen cooking, chatter, and catching up on family events took place. One friend of the family took us to the lake and taught us to watercolor. We each came up with different views of our impressions of the lake, sailboats, and “Rock Island”.

Movie night took us into town to see “MammaMia” a delightful musical for the CoolestSisterHoodOnThePlanet. Not to mention the best music of “Abba”, ah, that was the day!

We decided when all us YoungMarrieds from a family of 7, were having kids, that we would pay for this down the road. Well, we got all those babies through school, college, and now the weddings are starting. Gearing up for the next one next month, when we head back north of the MasonDixon line to the CoolestSisterInLawOnThePlanet, and her son’s wedding. This one will be fun also, since it is a 1920-1940’s style wedding, and guests are encouraged to dress the part. It will truly be a fashion show, as each of the CoolestSisters are drop dead great seamstresses. Me? I am the official Milliner of the family, so I have been busy, busy, busy, designing, and styling, and creating. For those who don’t know what a Milliner is…it is a hatmaker. Some of my designs are on my “SASS Hats” page.