Drama Queen

June 20, 2008

I did a recent post about mob grazing and in it had a fairly nice sized shot of the small herd of 150 head of cattle. Looks like more to me, but that’s just my opinion. Anyway, after some consideration, which I seldom do in this current retired state, I decided the original picture lookd dull and lifeless. I figured that a Drama Queen needed to always have drama, no matter what she does. So I started tinkering around with some fun applications in this photo editing program I have and magically before my eyes, my steed looked steedier and my grass looked grassier, and of course the beef looked beefier. What more could I say. So here for your enjoyment is the before and after of the mob on the grass.

dull and lifelessmob grazing 1

                 After…yum, fire up the barbie!


Coolest Grandchild on the Planet

June 20, 2008

Of course, every grandma feels that the first grandchild is the best, until others come along and we realize that they are all special in their own ways. I now see it is just like when we had our own children. Being a “grammy” so far away makes me so thankful for the internet and social networking sites. How did my mother survive with out Facebook or MySpace I’ll never know.


Here is one of my favorites of BabyCakes and her big “Sister”. Yes, she keeps trying to get the dog to read to her. I am sure she thinks that Sister in the fur coat is really being mean, cause she does everthing else with me. This pic was taken earlier this year, during snow season, as they used to sit by the door to wait for DarlingDaddy to come home.


Now that BabyCakes is taking to the air, meaning, she is walking along furniture, she thought it was awesome that she could pull herself up and stand at the door to wait for DarlingDaddy to come home. Well, as you can see, FurryBigSis, wants to do the same. She is the BigSis after all.

Coolest Chic and Her Mob

June 14, 2008

My CowboyDoc just returned from his not so often outing with the “Boys Club”.  When girls get together it is usually for shopping and gossip. But when a bunch of ranchers get together, you don’t think they go for shopping and gossip? The mouse under the seat of the truck says different, as he has told me the banter goes like this: “New fencing materials…$8,000, latest pricy semen from bulls of notority…we won’t even go there, heard the old Matthews place is for sale, good hunk of land, fair price, would be a nice addition to our outfit.”

Now, correct me when I think, hm, “outfit”, “sale”, “materials”, “hunk”, sounds like shopping to me. Anywhoo, they had a grand day of “guy” stuff and learning, since it was a “conference” after all. So this morning, CowboyHunk says he is going to “mow” the driveway for me. How sweet of him. We don’t have much grass on either side of it, but most annoying, is that strip down the middle that grabs and tangles at my brake lines, cables, and Louboutin heels as I drive out the 1/3 mile gravel driveway on dress up days. The thought that we don’t even have a lawn mower, should have been the first red flag. The second should have been the title of the Conference the day before…”Effective Mob Grazing”.

Mob Grazing? Definition…large density of animal on minute land mass. My morning alarm never went off, as I thought I was dreaming of sitting on the fence in the middle of a 10,000 animal feeder unit on the outskirts of CowTown, Colorado. The mooing was deafening. I found I wasn’t dreaming, nor was I on a fence. Sticking my head out my front door, thankful that the deck hadn’t been built yet, there in my driveway, were 150 head of black angus…mowers. They were as thick as black flies on a molasses pie. The only reason I knew there was a driveway, was that the long column of animals curved just like my drive did.

 mob grazing

Cattle Drive…..way!

CowboyDoc was pleased as punch. They had grass, water, and a hefty single strand of hot wire holding them in. He gave me a quick sweet kiss goodbye as he went off to save the animal kingdom for a couple of hours. He reassured me that the MOB would stay put until he returned and then he’d move them an inch or two down the drive. As usual, he rounded up the masses earlier that morning with my faithful steed, the great Geronimo Paint, faster than the winds of the western plains and dumber than a box of rocks.

Saturday chatting with my Sista on the phone is always a chitty chat mess of gossip, peppered with projects, and kids. We don’t have a land line, only cell phones, in this the armpit of the nation, so I am always walking around “tower searching”. Imagine my horror at the graceful vision before me, Geronimo in all his finest glory, at top speed past my living room windows, followed by, yep, the Stampede. It looked like ants on a jelly sandwich. Which would have been funny, if I hadn’t been home alone. My usual policy is 1. Save the babies and children, then the patio furniture and two new trees I just planted. And 2. Go close main gates to keep them off roads. Unfortunately, 5 sides of t-bones escaped down the road. Luckily they had some color to them, so we could find them later easily.

All ended well, as CowboyDoc came home within 30 minutes and saved his own animal kingdom.  I think Mob Grazing was invented for the grisly old duffers looking for excuses to get out from desparate housewives wrinkled beyond their years, as they need moved every hour, and obviously WATCHED constantly.

Excuse me…gonna go fire up the barbie, just in case steak is on the menu tonight….

Confusion with Coolest Chick On The Planet

June 10, 2008

There seems to be a mild uproar about my being Queen of the domain Coolest Chic On The Planet. Although I didn’t have to work really hard to get that title, some in my ranks feel that the misspelled “Chic” word should have been “Coolest Chick On The Planet”. Well, for the sake of satisfying the masses, I will readjust a few things here, add a few things there, and make an honest effort to unseat the current Coolest Chick On The Planet.

Becoming the “Coolest Chick On The Planet” would make no difference to me, just add more letters to type into google. However, in all fairness, since I didn’t work really hard for the title Coolest Chic On The Planet, it should make taking the Coolest Chick On the Planet title away more exciting.

So ya’ll come back and I will let you know when I take over my second crown as Coolest Chick On The Planet

Coolest Chic On The Planet

June 5, 2008

Well, it’s been less than 24 hours, and I won the contest of Coolest Chic On The Planet.

coolest chic on the planet

Go ahead, give it a try. Just Google “Coolest Chic On The Planet” and see if I am there. I really thought it would take longer for google to pick me up, but guess I did all the right things.  Not only did I do the 5 simple steps listed under “SEO Tactics”, but I also did just a few other tweeks to help it along.

I’ll go into it more over on that page, so be sure to check back again.  It’s late, and this coolest chic on the planet is turning out the lights and calling it quits for tonight.

I shall sleep well, knowing I reached the title of Coolest Chic On The Planet.

Coolest Chic On The Planet

June 3, 2008

My kids have always thought I was the “Coolest Mom On The Planet”, so in an effort to top that title, I am going to see if the big three think so also. I am studying the effects of SEO in page construction, so by big three, I mean Yahoo, MSN and Google.

Could Sue Mueller really be “the Coolest Chic On The Planet“? Only time will tell.

Here is a picture of the coolest chic on the planet.

Coolest Chic On The Planet


Coolest Baby on the Planet

“Waiting for Daddy” is the title of this adorable pic of my first grandchild and my first “granddog”. Being the coolest chic on the planet sure has it’s blessings.


So Who is The Coolest Chic on the Planet?

Is it really Sue Mueller?

I suppose you may even think I am conceited to the core, but really I am just going for the internet title of the coolest chic on the planet, nothing more.

If you go into Google, Yahoo, or MSN and type in “coolest chic on the planet” and see who comes up. My hope is that as I simply add organic searches to this blog, you will soon find me there. We will see how much time this will take.

I am going to post my progress at reaching this title of “coolest chic on the planet”, so you too, can join the fun. Don’t forget to check back often to see if I have made it to the top yet as the coolest chic on the planet.

Thank for stopping by,

The Coolest Chic On The Planet